How to Reach Out Directly to Hiring Managers

How to Reach Out Directly to Hiring Managers

Bypass applicant tracking systems and make direct contact with decision makers.
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Jérémy Chevallier
Jul 1, 2021 12:12 AM
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The classic submit-your-resume-on-job-boards can’t recognize you for your true abilities and potential.

We use outreach to connect directly with decision-makers, build a strong network, and ultimately win new opportunities (whether they be jobs, clients, or beyond).

“Don’t underestimate any form of outreach. I landed the 2nd biggest gig of my entire career simply reaching out to an agency I came across via a Facebook ad and asking if they needed copywriting help.” ― Jacob McMillen, How To Become A Copywriter & Earn Six Figures+ In 2021

With Inspiring Careers: Done with you!

When you apply to companies on, the system automatically generates a reach-out message based on your answers to the application questions:


Then, I send you the template with some slight suggestions to improve it. Then it’s up to you to send it to the exact person who needs to see it: the Head of Product, or Marketing, or wherever you’re trying to plug in!

Simple as that.

*We used to send it on your behalf, but found that it was less effective. It’s more impressive when you do it yourself. :-)

Here’s how:

Manually reaching out to hiring managers

For each company in your Company Tracker:

  1. Visit the company’s website & find their list of employees.
  2. Typically you’ll find this on their About Us, Company, or Team page. If you can’t find anything at all, find the company on LinkedIn instead, and view their employees:

  3. Look for the leader of the department you want to work in. Head of Sales, Director of Marketing, VP of Operations, you get the idea. If you’re not sure, take your best guess. Sometimes, it’s the CEO herself!
  4. Once you know who to reach out to, use a tool like (my preference) or to find the person’s email address.
  5. These tools are Chrome extensions that look for @emails on the company website. They may not find your target’s email, but you’ll likely see several others that give you a good sense of how they’re structured (e.g. [email protected], or [email protected], etc.)

  6. If your target’s email isn’t verified yet, run it through Snov/Hunter’s verifier. This will tell you whether:
    • ✅ The email address is valid (full speed ahead!)
    • 🤷 The email address is unverifiable (worth a shot!)
    • ❌ The email address is not valid (try another email, or another person)
  7. Download an email tracker extension like HubSpot Sales / Mailtrack or software like Superhuman, so that you can see when prospects open your emails. If you are using, they offer their own extension called MailTracker.
  8. Here’s an example using Superhuman:

  9. Once you’re ready to send the email, use the below templates to guide you. And don’t forget: creating a simple, custom pitch for each one can be the difference in winning a meeting!
  10. Here’s an example that is simple and effective:

Email templates

Regardless of which template you use, remember to:
  • keep it short
  • keep it about them
  • keep it focused on outcomes


Hi name, I discovered company this week and absolutely love what you all are doing to SOLVE PROBLEM. I personally have experience with this problem. Would you be open to a short call to ask a couple questions about the role? I’m a XYZ PROFESSIONAL/LEADER looking for my next move, and company seems like a great place to work & mission to work towards! You can schedule time here: YOUR CALENDLY LINK (or other scheduling tool) Thanks & talk soon,


Hi name, I discovered company this week and absolutely love what you all are doing to SOLVE PROBLEM. I personally have experience with this problem. I’m looking for cool companies & teams to add value as a YOUR DESIRED ROLE. Does company have any need/budget in that category? If so, I’d love to chat about some ideas I have for SOME BENEFITS THE COMPANY GETS FROM YOUR WORK. If not, would love to stay in touch regardless and watch your progress 👍 Thanks & talk soon,

follow-ups – cadence every 2-5 days

Mon/Tue send, follow up Friday


Hi name, How did your first-round interviews go? Are you interested in moving forward with me? I’ve been thinking about strategies to DO WHAT YOU’RE BEING HIRED FOR, and I’ve put together some ideas — I’d love to share them with you & your team. Speak soon,

What ifs

(this section will be written; reach out directly if you have these questions, and it’ll force me to write it!)

What if the email bounces?

What if they don’t respond after multiple follow-ups?

What if they don’t respond after multiple follow-ups?