What Your LinkedIn Needs if You Want to Be Taken Seriously
What Your LinkedIn Needs if You Want to Be Taken Seriously

What Your LinkedIn Needs if You Want to Be Taken Seriously

Get on your LinkedIn “A Game”
Standing Apart
Jérémy Chevallier
Sep 10, 2021 11:44 PM
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If you want to be taken seriously in your career (and even have recruiters reaching out to you with opportunities) then you need to take LinkedIn seriously.

Here’s what you’ll need:

The minimum

A professional profile photo (and video)

If you don’t have a good professional photo of yourself, ask a friend to take one. Any decent smartphone nowadays can take a great picture. Just dress well, and make sure your face is well-lit.


Then, upload it to pfpmaker.com (100% free) to generate a bunch of high-quality options that will make your profile really stand out!

A high-quality cover image that represents you in some way

Search unsplash.com if you need:

A headline that clearly describes what you do

Freelance Graphic Designer specializing in engaging social content

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

An About section (bio) that makes people want to work with you

When you position yourself clearly, people stop doubting your abilities. They begin to trust what you say & want to work with you. CareerOS has a Positioning exercise that results in something like this:


Past & current work experiences & internships along with short, achievement-based, story-form descriptions of each role

Even if unrelated to your career now, it helps you build “general credibility.” Check out my very first job 😁 👇



Add your school and field of study. Even if you didn’t get a university degree, you can still list certifications and other forms of education. Something is better than nothing!

The powerful stuff

At least 100 connections

Search for people you know from school, work, etc. (professors, classmates, coworkers) and send them a connection request! This helps them build their network, too. Every person you’re connected to brings you 1 degree closer to all their connections.

Recommendations from past colleagues, supervisors, professors, and clients.

Go to their profile, click More, and click Request a recommendation:


Skills that back up what you do

Use this chance to list out all the skills you have, from hard skills like coding languages or software tools to “soft” skills like communication and time management.

Bonus: ask your LinkedIn connections to hit the ➕ sign next to a few, to build your credibility.

Accomplishments (a good place for side projects)

It’s really too bad LinkedIn doesn’t place this section higher up on the profile, because one of the most impressive things you can do is display projects you’ve worked on.

Volunteering you’ve done

We all love seeing people doing a little pro-bono work in the world, and if you’ve done volunteering of any kind, make sure to add it here.

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