How to Transform Your Resume into an Interview Magnet (+ a Free Template)

How to Transform Your Resume into an Interview Magnet (+ a Free Template)

Present yourself in a more compelling way.
Standing Apart
Aug 19, 2021 9:30 PM
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You’re probably under-selling yourself on your resume—probably because you’re trying to make it “how it’s supposed to be.” How you believe it’s supposed to be.

In reality, a resume just needs to tell an employer a few things:

What your goals & motivations are
What you’ve done so far in your life/work
That you’re serious about your work & won’t be a bad investment to them
That you learn & improve over time
That people have good things to say about you

As long as it’s got those five things, it can look like pretty much anything… So why limit yourself to this?


If you’re willing to spend just 30 minutes customizing the 🎴 Modern Résumé template in CareerOS, section by section, you will completely transform your resume—and therefore, the reactions you get from recruiters and hiring managers.

That’s because this template is built to showcase the information that matters most in hiring decisions—not the fluff you’re “supposed to include.” It’s proven by hundreds of successful hires to catch employers’ attention, compel them to read more, and ultimately put you in a league of your own compared to all the other candidates.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Get this template as part of CareerOS.