On projects & proving yourself

September 28, 2021

🗓️ @September 28, 2021

Career clients often ask me how much time they should spend on projects. I often get something to this effect:

“I was looking at doing the creative project component to the application; I think it might take me a day or two to complete something. Do you think it would be worth the extra effort? If not I have more companies I would like to apply for.

Is a project worth the extra effort? The answer is… 🥁


Think of a project as something you’d do anyway—to learn a new skill, improve an existing one, or demonstrate your skills for a type of job you want.


Anytime you work on a project, you’re honing your skills.

Whether it‘s recording a walkthrough video with Loom and editing it in Premiere Rush, or simply writing an article, you’re getting a “rep” in. You’re improving at that thing (writing, recording/editing video, articulating your thoughts, etc.)

Creative projects aren’t necessarily about making something specifically for the company you’re applying to (although that’s a good starting point, if you can’t think of anything). Projects are, at the root, a way to showcase your abilities way better than a resume ever could.

What can people find about you online?

Right now, what can I (or your favorite company’s hiring manager, or anyone) find about you on the Web that proves you’ll take great care of their customers? Or execute a marketing campaign successfully?

Showing how you think, learn, approach problems—this will benefit you forever… not just for a role with that company you’re applying to today. 😉

Have a great week! 👋