The magic formula for job applications

September 21, 2021

🗓️ @September 27, 2021

Hey {{Contact.Firstname}}.

I’ve been racking my brains for months on how to really move the needle for job seekers who want to be taken seriously.

And today, I randomly came across this email had I sent to the cofounder of


And this was the response:


Andy’s not the only one — I got the same results for almost every email I sent.

So what’s the magic formula for job outreach? Here it is:

  1. A simple, timely email, focused on your shared vision/purpose (what you have in common with the company)
  2. A link to a thoughtful “pitch” sharing more about yourself & why you fit the role (this is the one I sent)
  3. An easy way to connect further (like a free Calendly link)
  4. Sent directly to the founder or primary decision-maker

In my experience it converts nearly 100% of the time, even if they were already in the final stages of interviewing other candidates, like in this case.

It just. Makes people. Want to know you. 😀

How helps you with this

As some of you know, I’m really trying to productize & gamify this formula to give us all a better way to form strong career connections. The first version is live at — every application you submit on the website turns into an email similar to this one!

But, I think now I need to turn applications into Notion pages instead, to simplify the email. It’s really important that the email body itself is very simple. (And, I’m guessing, the video thumbnail image I included probably helped!)

So if you’re considering your next career move right now, and want to build your network, drop an application at and I’ll be in touch very soon.

Have a great week! 👋